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Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy

The Inevitability Gash

Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy

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That time i'm not saying unreserved but
Confined in the eye color which goes wrong but
Wriggled your weapon get it up
Your grip and does not want is
That time you're point a dagger but wrenchingly opened but
I wriggled under your thumb
Perhaps that makes possibly i could arrive to the center
That road which you to become digs into follows
You're eating into the gash today and i'm so nauseating
It's just inevitable thing
I'm not a possibility of changing
You're going to great lengths into the wound today
Inhaled no matter how that's only your illusion
Perhaps that makes possibly i could make use of
That road which you to become makes into follows
Don't put a brake on me
Like this truth one desire you're never had the lie is you
Gash the fate which comes to decide the name of mission
Let's get started now it's my only way
All the things are inevitability to me
But dismiss now the gassy full moan
Well have a seat and talk turkey
I'll steps on your crown of the head

Rush the gash however spitting out for the life of me
Rush my gash my mark of blood is never running dry
Rush the gash may first result is before the yes or no
Rush my gash tries after all you'll be enveloped in admiration

Confirm it probably is to go at
At least i'm not inferior more than you
May first result is before the yes or no
I'm not afraid to rush and dash

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