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Dark Inquisition


Dark Inquisition

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Under the shadow of this tree I stay in a perfect rest
The morbid silence and hot winds come to comfort me
The peace under my friend, I feel that will never be over
But there are something inside of me, ready to appear.

Oh my mind is calm, and now starting to remember
The battle I won one day, with honor and glory

Here I am today, sad about the past and so alone.
And the bloody memories come to hurt me

The song of my flute was stopped by the battle sound
Arrows and swords marching into the city's wall

Blood, screaming, fire down!
Smoke, cry, die, now!

And I am the only man that watches the destruction
And in my mind I feel the light and rage to me

In my hand I saw the power and the
Hate of God and with this, I began my first and only attack!

Blood, screaming, fire, down!
Smoke, cry, honor and desperate in my path

All today is clean, peace, pride
Full of silence. And I live my life alone only, with my flute

Bloody, terror, fire down

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