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Dark Asylum

Feel the Heat

Dark Asylum

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In bed awake it´s a new tomorrow
I feel much anger inside myself
The same life - still goes on
There´s something I have to know?

Sun of hope, moon of sorrow
My expectations are so ablaze
The world teaching - a lesson of darkness
I need more time to understand !!!

Thinking sweat its a new begining
One more chance to clean my life
And be a honest man, pay my sins
Dont forget - Hell is here
Feel the Heat

Time pass, more mistakes
The weight of greed is hard to support
In my mind a sea of doubts
I wrong but can´t change !!!


Solo 1 - Leonardo "Babyface"
Solo 2 - Juliano "King Travis" Torres

After burn a conclusion´s gone
There´s no God watching me now
I still suffer until to die
It´s so clear now I comprehend

Think and sweat, end´s coming
A wasted chance to have a new life
I´m the same man, full of sins
Never forget - Hell is here
I can Feel the Heat !!!

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