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Darien Brockington

Come On Over

Darien Brockington

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We're on the phone and the clock is reading 6 past 12
I wanna come over and just talk to you
It's been too long and I really need to feel you girl
I just wanna make sweet love to you

Cause you belong to me
And I belong to you
You don't have to tell me baby
I know what you need sweet lady

Come on over
Until I'm sitting waiting for ya
I can't wait to get a taste of your love
Come on over
Yes I'd do anything for ya
Just to get a little taste of your love

I'll grease you down from head to toe
And everything in between to turn you on
Yes it's evident that I need you now

(Let me count the ways)
The many ways to love you
It can be whateva girl
(As long as I'm pleasing you)

Cause I can't lie to you
My body's been missin you
Tell me what you wanna do
(Oh I really wanna feel you)

I'm barely keeping my composure
I really need you to come over
Girl it's you that I want
You're so beautiful


(I need you)
I need you baby
(I've gotta have you)
I gotta have you yes I do ah

Cause I can't wait another day
Please come right away
I need to feel your touch


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