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...With Beast Inside


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...With Beast Inside
I am afraid
Someone is hunting after me
I've locked my door
He's trying to creep inside through splits
I see the world is in power of this Beast of prey
My dirty walls
Are still keeping me but I'm afraid

And you believe in his reality. He is here
And you are hopping for a chance to disappear
As you imagine that he rule all your deeds
As matter of fact you do exactly what he needs

Out-of-door you are slave
As all we are you play your role in tragic show
City's course is your grave
No one can say anything that you don't know
He lives best who does not
Does not wish arise, who looks like doll by light
What is for doubt? You are ruled
Do feign sacrifice! You'll find your Beast inside...

He'll be increasing, filling your sight
Till your face is losing man's features quite
All your fear is only shelter. Nothing is in your mind
And you see in dusty mirror something with Beast inside...

It's not my fault
A puppet can't be accused
I haven't hold
Down Master. It's my excuse

Lie! You made him yourself
He's dark side of you
You're moving in crowd
As animal as one

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