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Damian Wilson

Damian Wilson

Damian Wilson tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "A Long Way Home", "I Can't Change Your Mind", "Brightest Way".

167 acessos

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  1. A Long Way Home
  2. A Monday Night In March
  3. Adam's Child
  4. Agony
  5. Beating Inside
  6. Brightest Way
  7. Commune
  8. Disciple
  9. Feels Good
  10. Heavenly Mine
  11. Homegrown
  12. How Can You Turn So Coldly?
  13. I Can't Change Your Mind
  14. I Want To Build My World
  15. In a Word
  16. Just The Way It Goes
  17. Mansion
  18. Naked
  19. Naturally
  20. Never Close The Door
  21. Nothing In This World Remains The Same
  22. Nothing Without You
  23. Part Of Me
  24. Please Don't Leave Me Till I Leave You
  25. Quietly Spoken
  26. She's Like a Fable
  27. The Image I Saw
  28. What a Man Can Dream
  29. When I Leave This Land
  30. Win In The End

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