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Daisy Dares You


Daisy Dares You

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Rosie, they ran rings around you
I can't be a day or two without you
Rosie I can't believe it
You're always getting yourself into something
Rosie please don't panic
Don't worry it will be over in a bit
You'll be back to the girl that makes me smile more than anyone else

Chorus x 2
Do the same for me
I know that you are always there oh
Everytime I snap
Everytime I crack and I fall

Rosie you're so indecisive
You're not sure how to leave a crisis
Rosie let's go out tonight and be back to the girls who never leave each others sides

Rosie its back to basics
You and me, a pig farm and a jeep
Rosie let's just take it easy
And let the notebook sink in deep

Chorus x2

And I fall. And I fall. And I fall
You have always been the one
Who I could always have some fun
With when I am feeling down
You're always good to have around
Never ever got a problem with it
Always there to help me out
You never push or shove or shout

You know I'd do the same to you
When life is hard and leaves you blue
Just grab your phone. I'm here to talk.
Or come over, we'll take a walk.
Never ever got a problem with it
Rosie you're my closest friend, you'll never be alone again again again again.

Rosie please don't panic don't
Worry we'll be over in a bit
You'll be back to the girl that
Makes me smile more than anything else

Chorus x3

Do the same
Do the same

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