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I hope this ain't a bad time, did I wake you?
I've been meaning to talk to you, come over
Take a walk with you, if you don't mind
I think its time I share thoughts with you
I thought you knew my feelings, I'm making sure you do
I'm sitting on my bed, staring at the ceiling, wishing you was here
We could just talk, while I run my fingers through your hair
I'm feeling your style, your conversation, your smile
I've been patient a while, there's no escaping denial
The waste of time, we could be spending
You told me I'm different, from the rest
And you don't even, understand why you wit him
If you love him, stay wit him, if not, don't play wit him
Cause feelings run deep, my emotions make niggas
Do things they might regret, I don't wanna bang wit him
Over you, I suppose you knew
He ain't a killer
So imma let you go, think about it let me know

Sometimes I wish I never met you yo

When I met you, I didn't sweat you
Eye contact was kinda real
You kept it concealed, your man was with you
You see my style you realize I'm official
I was a face you've never seen, with a grace of a king
I was me, and my man, Fly Tai in Fort Green
My people recognize you, and said you only moved with live dudes
And you don't let it run up inside you, time flew
We started kicking it, I'm feeling you, we intimate
And I ain't trying to let nothing interfere wit this
Its real what I feel, but its quite complex
When you leave me, you with him
No I'm stressed
You told me he hit you
I went for my pistol, loaded with missiles
You said "No boo, you making it a whole different issue"
I left it alone, you kissed me
Got dressed and went home
Then when you just saved your man, from getting his frame blown
But imma let you go, think about it let me know

Sometimes I wish I never met you yo...

I mean truthfully, you really need to know
Usually you say "Cory, I don't wanna let you go"
Check it though, I know you want me
Yet reality confronts me, you in a situation
you know that, I must leave
In order for you to grow, try to accept this
You say I'm wrong, but in time you'll respect it
Your needs are being met, your minds in neglected
Its wrong what we doing, if not you would of left him
You telling me this is something you don't wanna hear
But you the type of woman that I don't wanna share, you rare
Imma always be here, if you need me, call me
never think I don't care

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