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Church Bizarre

Church Bizarre

Church Bizarre tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Prophet of Disease", "Church Bizarre", "Sinister Glorification".

72 acessos

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  1. Chapel of Suffering
  2. Church Bizarre
  3. Devil Metal (Nunslaughter)
  4. Enter the Temple of Shadows
  5. Evoked or Not - Evil Will Come
  6. Foaming Mouth of Mankinds Tomb
  7. Inscribed in the Black Book of Death
  8. Into the Dark (Where Witches Burned)
  9. Judging Eyes (Intro)
  10. Prophet of Disease
  11. Redeemer and the Scythe
  12. Return of the Gemini
  13. Sinister Glorification
  14. The Mighty Sword of Cain
  15. Ubrarum Regni Novem Portis

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