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Chuck Charles

Freestyling at sturgeon

Chuck Charles

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my name is frank the tank
got no money in the bank
gotta get myself a job
so i can pay back my buddy Rob
he's sayin that i owe him like 40 dollars
kurt said that i should buy some collars
but i told him i'm not from the ghetto
he got mad when i called him a hetero
fuck these unreal gimmicks they're fucken stupid
what's with this arrow,i ain't no freakin cupid
if i did have an arrow i wouldn't shoot you
i'd stab you numerous times,guts spillin from you
pathetic muthafucka you ain't got shit on me
you a fag with an ego that's all crazy
you dumb fuck you're goin the wrong direction
chainsaw to your dick,never again have an erection
HAHAHA i hate this style of music play some rap
i hate techno ohhhh it makes me wannna snap
Napady is some fuckin queer that fights alot
he always loses,he looks like his mother's snot

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