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To Mend

Chrysalis (US)

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To Mend
The face reminded me of a much better place than here.
Alive, it shinned for me through my darkness and fear
but oh, how it flew away
with autumn leaves in the wind.

Too much is never enough,
the crave is still in me.
Addiction to bandage the lies you told me.
There's no need to pretend,
this is how it is.

Faith has become my enemy;
keeping me from lies.
Truth, as if it all were a dream.
It will never wear on youth
or ever banish my dreams
But when I look in my own eyes:
reassurance of my fall to endless sleep.

You want to know what this creates?
Well, come on in.

We couldn't mend the beyond impaired,
moving through the impossible
to never shine just like we did before.

We couldn't mend the beyond impaired
or make it through the impossible
but can we shine just like we did

The colors faded,
demised the sunshine in a world that we created
and it can never be the same anymore.

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