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Chris Trousdale

Turn It Up

Chris Trousdale

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Working hard can't wait 'til the weekend
You deserve to go out and party
I know what you wanna do
And I'm gonna be there too, yeah, yeah

Ladies, fellas, gonna be freakin'
Grab your drink and let's get it started
And when this jam hits the speakers
This is what you gotta do, what you gotta do is

Turn it up, when you hear this joint in your car turn it up
And when you hear the dj start to cut it up
Grab somebody hit the floor and burn it up
Burn it up, turn it up and up and up
Turn it up, so if you're reppin' your neighborhood, throw it up
And when you see us rock a party, give it up
No matter what they say, you gotta live it up
Live it up, turn it up and up and up, turn it up

So if you spot someone
Looking at you like they want it
Make your way over there and get to spittin'
If you're feelin' it tonight

Even if you got someone waitin'
At the crib for ya
Don't even trip right now
Just have your fun 'til someone hit the lights

So, if you came to get your party on
Remember you ain't doin' nothin' wrong, it's your night
Ain't gotta worry 'bout a thing you do
Just let the music take control of you, it's your time
So what you gotta do is

(Chorus Repeat)

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