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Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson tem o estilo Pop Rock e suas músicas de sucesso são: "If You Remember Me (tradução)", "Cold Cold heart", "One step at a time".

464 acessos

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  1. All Over Me
  2. Angel
  3. Blinded by the light
  4. Bridge across the river
  5. Can't get a hold of love
  6. Cold Cold heart
  7. Don't put it off
  8. Get up and dance
  9. Girls kick ass
  10. Good to be alive
  11. How can heaven love you
  12. If You Remember Me
  13. If You Remember Me (tradução)
  14. Like Dust in the light
  15. Man of steel
  16. One man mission
  17. One step at a time
  18. Outside
  19. Runaway Son
  20. See the light
  21. The longing
  22. Ticket to Thailand
  23. Till the end
  24. To hell with love
  25. Wasting time
  26. Won't lie down
  27. You got me

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