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Choke (Aus)


Choke (Aus)

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Weary Wing Wang has lost his way
Been doing push ups for most of the day
Out of juice and coughing up air
Call in for back-ups now dont depair

He is long He is strong
Count on him when the hard jobs on
In the face, Between the mounds
Up the arse - StuntCock pounds
He's dishin out all the good lovin'
'Cos hes the man, the one who's chubbin
He's pounding flute & smashing hoop
It's another scene another shoot

A stiff richard is what is required
A big wad of love gravy is what is desired
Helmet on & He's fully primed
It's StuntCock baby! Get ready for showtime

He is long, He is strong
And he's bound to get the friction on
In the face between the mounds
Up the arse the stuntcock pounds
He's dishing out all the good & lovin'
Cos he's the man, he's the one who's chubbin'
He's pounding flute and smashing hoop
It's another scene another shoot
Stuntcock, Hard as a fucken rock
Stuntcock, Go for the money shot
Stuntcock, Go for the splash shot
Stuntcock, Hit her with your best shot.

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