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China (Hard Rock)

China (Hard Rock)

China (Hard Rock) tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "In The Middle Of The Night", "Don't Ever Say Goodbye", "Sign In The Sky".

86 acessos

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  1. Animal Victim
  2. Back To You
  3. Bad Case (Doctor, Doctor)
  4. Bitter Cold
  5. Dead Lights
  6. Don't Ever Say Goodbye
  7. Don't Let In The Night
  8. Go All The Way
  9. Harder Than Hell
  10. Hot Lovin' Night
  11. I Need Your Love
  12. In Love Again
  13. In The Middle Of The Night
  14. In Trouble With Angels
  15. Life Keeps Moving On
  16. Medicine Man
  17. Pictures Of You
  18. Rock City
  19. Second Chance
  20. Shake Your Cages
  21. She Did A Real Good Job
  22. Sign In The Sky
  23. Slow Dancing In Hell
  24. So Damn Easy
  25. So Long
  26. Staying Alive
  27. Take Your Time
  28. When Passion Burns
  29. Wild Jealousy
  30. Won't Give It Up

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