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Cheat Code To Shake It!

Shake It Out!

Cheat Code To Shake It!

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Here I go again
there's nothing to complain ( shake it out! )
I wanna show you what I got girl
so come on, come on and ( shake it out! )
ooh I can't stop now ooh
( I can't stop! shake it out!)
ooh I wanna see everyboy with me

woooho woohow

I wanna see you shake shake shake it out!
I can't wait (wait) wait (wait) wait ( to shake it out! )
I can have this dance
I want one more chance
So let me shake and shout, let me shake and shout!

Unforgetable that night
That we spent together
In my head, I do just can think of you!

But I go out every night every night
And I have a lot of fun!
I wanna hear you saying hey (HEY!)
everybody going crazy!!! (WAAAH!)

wooho woohow

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