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War on Mind


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It's all I need
Closing the doors of reality

All I see
It's my shame
But everything remains

Note my word
It can be true
Just a sign beyond of you

I see the clouds
Outside is cold
But it's not the end of the world

Break the chains
You will survive
It's the only way
To still alive
Free your soul
Lost Inside
So confused, it's the war of your mind.

Wake up, now
Your mindless freak
Your thinking have the source to be

Crazy head
Almost forget
Time is not what you've been led

Stolen mind
Turning by
Ideas filling it so bright

And alone
You have to foul
The place you were afraid to go


Find a way
To feed your life
It's empty in all of your sides

Lead your emotions
Let it save
Cracks in the walls just open a wave


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