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Charlie Feathers

Charlie Feathers

Charlie Feathers tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "That Certain Female", "That Certain Fatale", "Today and Tomorrow".

122 acessos

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  1. Bottle To The Baby
  2. Can't Hardly Stand It
  3. Defrost Your Heart
  4. Dinky John
  5. Get With It
  6. I Can't Hardly Stand It
  7. I've Been Deceived
  8. Jungle Fever
  9. Love Don't Treat Me Right
  10. Nobody's Woman
  11. One Hand Loose
  12. Peepin' Eyes
  13. South of Chicago
  14. Stutterin' Cindy
  15. That Certain Fatale
  16. That Certain Female
  17. Today and Tomorrow
  18. Tongue Tied Jill
  19. Too Much Alike
  20. Wedding Gown of White
  21. When You Come Around
  22. When You Decide
  23. Why Don't You
  24. Wild wild Party

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