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Blackblood Breeds Blasphemy

Chaos Regal

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Terror breeds from hate
Darkened to the mind
Legions of our faith
Storming towards mankind
Vengeance rise, dehumanize
Oppressed we shall not be
Winds of war are in the sky
Spew forth blasphemy

Black blood flows fury deep inside
Maglinance of a thousand years
Impelled from endless sufferinf
Black blood breeds blasphemy

Hateful black seeds were consumed to last
Ceremonial ecstasy
Innocent souls are scourge to dust
Blame it on christianity
Shed no tears for the feeble lives
Deny the false prophecy
Walk the path of the darkest realms
Supress is the way to succeed
Screams of hate
Agonized terror,

Tortured souls,
Pierce to death,
Wept upon their fate

Abomination of the crucifix
Symbols of fake, Sin, Lust and greed
Confused minds creating hate
Blackblood Blasphemy shall breed.

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