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Champ Diva

Here I Come

Champ Diva

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[Champ Diva]
I kick the funky shit that make your grandma wanna rap
I got the energy like a soul battery
I keep going and going and keep flowing
Who knows when I'll strike the next ho, kid
Yes I got this synth to catch a wreck with the ??? peers in front my face
I got the taste and the flava to put a nigga in his place
So back the fuck up before I punch you in the face
I got an award for all the damage that I did
So stop beating me in the head with that bullshit kid
I got it going on, word is bond, Champ is still the master
Grab the microphone and blast a nigga if I have to
Step in front the foot to test and his ??? game
You took me for a joke, I leave the scene and leave smoke
Quit fast, a nigga won't last a fucking second
It's a shame how I got these muthafuckers ho sweating

[Interlude: Champ Diva]
Yeah you know what time it is kid

[Chorus 2X: Champ Diva]
Be on the look out, cus here I come (say what?)
Be on the look out, cus here I come (bring the mutherfucking noise)

[Champ Diva]
Oh shit, here I go, putting on a fucking show
With my hat to my back, ready to flow, so bust a move at a show
And pull my skills out, I can get down, get down
Yeah, yo why the mic ?inside my mind is bugged? keep going
Get your hip to this cus I'm ripping shit
Yo I keep bitches on the run
Put it plain and simple, yeah kid they get the job done
I'm putting niggas to shame
Trying to act shiesty, now you know my mothafucking name
I got connections, so what's next? Protect your neck
Because your'e dealing with a roughneck, so wha the heck
Time is money and money is time
I put the pen to the pad and came up with some phat rhymes
Once my mind starts to motivate and catch a break
Some are alright and some are ill shit

[Chorus 2X]

[Champ Diva]
Champ is here, see I get the job done
I might take a little wing, give some
Bitches like "You fucking right", catch a swift one
So don't sleep on me kid, you bitch ass nigga
Popping all tha shit, I just might pull the trigger
On a 187, leaving bodies to discover
Your hat was all swole, but now the game is all over
My tongue is swept up, lash an MC with the quickness
Kid can I get a witness
So who watch this jam with my lyrical voice
Will do your ?Howards choice? I don't think so
If you're fat, you pass, if you're slow, you blow
So yo, pass the essence so I can get listed
I got skills, so you know I must be gifted
Fuck that I got the magical tongue that kick those styles that I have hidden in my closet
Time ti let the bones put, oh yeah
Before you sneak too hard then I have to pull your fucking card

[Chorus 3X]

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