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Celtic Frost

Return To The Eve

Celtic Frost

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Dreaming eyes, hope to return
As shadows fall, onto distorted paths
Delivered from the fetters of light
Drifting back to my reality
Subconscious depreates the day
In the twilight of my own intellect
Dull is my mind, Captive of illusion
Remain awake, Is just dust!
(.."Take my soul away into the dark, dreaming 1000 morbid dreams, no tomorrow
when the wind caresses my mind, could I ever return..it would be my Doom..")
Obsessed by the nightmare's sound
Drifting back into the realms of chaos
Reality has become my dream
I'll be covered by the abyss ground
..Endless fall, Memories in the light
frontiers of chaos, Return to the EVE...

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