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Celestial Flames

Final Destination

Celestial Flames

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The sun is rising, starts a new day
We must leave our kingdom again

Once more we will head to our daily quest
The hardest routine of our lives

We practically do the same things every day
But we always need to be ready for everything

Fight with persistance, we're sons of this kingdom
Don't let your ideals down

Don't let the people break your motivation
Face your destiny

We can't rest while this quest doesn't come to an end
Life is a challenge, the essence of power and strength

It can take as much time as needed
But true heroes never give in!
Trust your dreams and fight... and make them become real!

Face your fears and never stop to fight!
Glory depends only on your hope and might!
We will fight forever for the crown!
We will march together to the final destination!

Dusk on the horizon but don't be afraid
The moonlight shall be with us

Journey continues, we cannot look back
Remember the reason for that

No one but ourselves can fight for our thoughts and conquests
We must be worthy of our triumph and victory

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