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Celestial Flames

Eternal Oblivion

Celestial Flames

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In a moment I have lived all my life
But now my time has come
My journey in this universe is done
Every battle that I fought during my past
From the first days to the last
Will fade away forever in my rest

When time goes by, I disappear, I lie here and accept my fate
Darkness approaches, carries my soul, into the void
I'll no longer remember myself
I won't even remember I died
But there's no other choice
I'm just a human, this is the course of life

Eternal oblivion
A signal to the end and death
Eternal oblivion
Abyss of afterlife
I had fear of what could happen after life
Long times of agony
The answer for this question's never found

From the dark I see the light of paradise
And angels calling me
The truth will be finally revealed
All is going to change, become different, but what I've done was not in vain
Now I'm set free, I am a pure, celestial soul
No more sorrow or worries remain
They have died together with me
The nightmares from the past
They've been forgotten, the peace is back again

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