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Burn The False Idols


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I burn the glorious flames of my raging soul
that told you the chaotic truth.

The glorious flames of devilish eyes
that gaze upon the ominous sky
consume the darkened fields of sacred souls.
My celestial wings of dark realms spread
onto their religious fields.
And their weak prayers for their absolute god
that fell into the ashes
were buried by my malicious winds
from infidel forest of infernal hordes.
And their faith that was impaled
on the monasterial spires
was picked by deathlike ravens
from christian dismal graveyard.
And the glorious flames
that stand on a thousand death
raise the tyrannical sword
through a thousand flesh
and through a thousand memories.

Red streams of bloody tears
that my furious soul brought
infest their slavering torrent
that was conquered by the false prophet
and take me to infidel fields
of shadowy memories in my vein.
In the shades of my shadowy memories
what were lit up by divine lights of heaven
I burn the glorious flames of my raging soul.
And the glorious flames burn the false idols
of this mean human world.
And my despairs curse this ugly world eternal.

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