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Carcer City

Carcer City

Carcer City tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Silence", "I Hope You're Left With Nothing", "Patience Won't Heal The Broken".

67 acessos

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  1. A Prisoner To The Years
  2. Affliction Part Ii
  3. Closed Eyes
  4. Disaronno Lips
  5. Distance
  6. Eyes For The Blind, Ears For The Deaf
  7. Ghost Part III (The Messenger)
  8. Ghosts Part I (The Figure Brushed In White)
  9. I Hope You're Left With Nothing
  10. If We Make It Home
  11. Lifeless, Awaken.
  12. Mistakes I Have To Life With
  13. Patience Won't Heal The Broken
  14. Signals
  15. Silence
  16. Staring Into The Sun
  17. The Constant Struggle
  18. The Escapist
  19. The Life We Have Chosen Part I
  20. The Life We Have Chosen Part II
  21. The Road Journals
  22. The Walls That Divide

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