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caramel carmela

Capax Infiniti

caramel carmela

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I'm nearly ready to give up this.
As surely as I shoot, I miss.
A symphony of a shattered, broke down town.
The silence rings so loud you could feel the sound.
Haven't I payed my dues?
I dare you to walk a block in my shoes
Haven't I payed my dues?
Got nothing left so i know I can't lose
Don't ask me why i have to go
But these small town dreams are not for us
Yeah we'll have to mend this heart
But it seems like we have nothing left
And we'll have to run away
Cause we're built for so much more.
We're nearly ready to look in the rear-view
And never turn around cause we won't see you
We've gotta leave this shattered, broke down town
Our souls so light that our feet won't touch the ground
Haven't we paid our dues?
Our voices so loud
Haven't we paid our dues?
Our hands are so high.
This is ours for the taking.
This is ours

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