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Cara Dillon

Cara Dillon

Cara Dillon tem o estilo New Age e suas músicas de sucesso são: "There Were Roses", "Everywhere", "Bold Jamie".

230 acessos

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  1. Black Is The Color
  2. Blue Mountain River
  3. Bold Jamie
  4. Bonny Bonny
  5. Brockagh Braes
  6. Broken Bridges
  7. Craigie Hill
  8. Donald Of Glencoe
  9. Erin The Green
  10. Everywhere
  11. Falling Like A Star
  12. Garden Valley
  13. Grace
  14. Green Grows The Laurel
  15. He's Young but He's Growing
  16. Here's A Health
  17. High Tide
  18. Hill Of Thieves
  19. I Am A Youth That's Inclined To Ramble
  20. I Wish I Was
  21. Lark In The Clear Air
  22. Lonesome Scenes Of Winter
  23. Maid Of Culmore
  24. Man In The Rain
  25. Never In A Million Years
  26. October Winds
  27. She's Like A Swallow
  28. Shotgun Down The Avalanche (Avalanche)
  29. Standing On The Shore
  30. The Emigrant's Farewell
  31. The Gem Of The Roe
  32. The Lonsome Scenes Of Winter
  33. The Snows They Melt The Soonest
  34. The Streets Of Derry
  35. The Winding River Roe
  36. There Were Roses
  37. This Time
  38. Van Diemen's Land
  39. Walls
  40. Where Are You

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