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Cose to Me


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I thought baby(;) that I was dreaming but I'm not at all
seems this feelin' came just in time when I was really down
You got me got me
You'll never see nobody fall so hard
You got me got me
And it's something that I've always want

I feel you now
I like it when I have you close to me..baby..
So don't slow down
There's something I like 'bout you and me..yeah..
So let's go out
No matter where we'll go or who we'll see..baby..
Cause I found out
I feel better when I have you close to me..yeah..

If I'm crazy
Then blame my heart and my mind(;)
Always seems maybe
True love is hard to find
Stop me stop me
I'm gonna take this one all the way
You got me got me
And now it's time for me to say




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