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Camisado tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Lip-Biter", "Rogue Summers Must Die", "This Is Gonna Hurt".

153 acessos

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  1. Are You Still Alive?
  2. Becoming Bones
  3. Complications
  4. Days Gone By
  5. Deception Never Looked So Good
  6. Eyes Like The Northern Lights
  7. Faceless
  8. I Am Alive Tonight
  9. I'm A Dreamer, Not A Realist
  10. In Your Veins
  11. King Of Hearts
  12. Let It Burn
  13. Lip-Biter
  14. Mind Of a Monster
  15. Minus The T (It Will Never Happen Again)
  16. My Taste Buds Taste Blood
  17. Paper Worse Than Bullets
  18. Pulse
  19. Rogue Summers Must Die
  20. Shoot The Messenger
  21. Sincerely, The Body Electric
  22. Singer's Sore Throat
  23. Stage IV
  24. Straitjacket
  25. The Disease Is Me
  26. The Only Horse I Ride Is a Nightmare
  27. This Is a Hold Up
  28. This Is Gonna Hurt
  29. Transients
  30. When I Find It
  31. You Still Haunt Me

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