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Calvary Death

Calvary Death

Calvary Death tem o estilo Heavy Metal e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Gritos da Boca do Inferno", "Penetrating In The Eternal Frost", "Suffering".

109 acessos

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  1. Antichrist
  2. Betrayer
  3. Burning Forever
  4. Could Be The Human Race In Fall
  5. Crucial Moment
  6. Excruciation
  7. Gritos da Boca do Inferno
  8. Hanging Alive
  9. House Of Betsaida
  10. Intro (Hell)
  11. Penetrating In The Eternal Frost
  12. Sacred With Blessed
  13. Scum
  14. Serpent
  15. Suffering
  16. The Funeral
  17. World Of Nobody

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