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Calling Out Amy

Do You Wish We'd Fall In (feat. Bethany Flores

Calling Out Amy

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The pavement loses texture,
as I lean back and kiss her,
The Bigger Lights above do spell our name...

The air is damp with moisture,
as I look back and miss her,
The Morning Light(s) above spell out her name...

Just breathe in deep...
so I can feel you breathe while your lying next to me,
and I can feel your heartbeat, beating frantically,
as I open my eyelids and pull you close to me,
and darling I dont know, I don't know just what you see in me...
what you see in me...

So darling dear, do tell me
why starry skies adore me,
and clouds that block the moon all hid tonight...

Its only 'cuz they love you,
and hate it when the see your eyes are are "blue"...

(...and they know that we are meant to be)

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