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Thai Noodles


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He's slicker than spit
He's slicker than alligator shit
Ask the girls in town and man
They say he's it that's old Slick

He's lightning-quick
He's slyer than old St. Nick
He'll singe your eyebrows off
With one snap flick of his Bic

That's old Slick, he's finer than frog hair
He'll give you that albacore stare
His voice lies on ya heavy like

New Orleans air
Our man Slick he loves
The Thai noodles

Slick he's got him a new ride
He's shiftin' with astroglide
Rolling his Sherman tank
Upholstered buffalo hide

He'll steal your heart away
He'll turn a homophobe gay
He'll communicate thoughts no one
Ever had the balls to say

He's awful slick and he loves the Thai noodles
I do believe he said he loves
The Thai noodles have you met old Slick?

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