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Yee Haw! Look at him go
Look at that son of a bitch go

There is a boy named Junior
Playing Uncle Sam got a master plan like Vietnam
Don't give a good goddamn about Saddam
Gonna drink his oil right out the can, look at him go

Throwing cash around like it's made of dirt
God made dirt and dirt don't hurt
Gets that monkey on the back of his shirt
Once that 10-40 starts to spurt, look at him go

Quite an interesting situation you all have their
I'm not sure if he's mad or slightly off center
It's amusing from my perspective
In sort of a frightening way, look at him go

Now if you give him half a chance
He'll surely impress you with his dance
Maybe even reach on down in your pants
Give you some greasy ol' romance, look at him go

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