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Trauma / Cerebral Intrusion


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Un-understood frustration of my self-being,
I feel myself being penetrated by strange waves,
Going through every single parts of my body.
I feel warmth announcing an intense well-being, weird but so nice !
Joining to this pleasure which his gradually getting installed in me and
won't stop ebbing.

I feel calm and peaceful in this world falling apart,
Breaking the silence of this act again and again,
Slowly, I feel myself taken away by a weird sensation.
Gradually I can hear these excited voices, screaming, shivering in agony,
which are getting twisted in my mind.
I feel myself drifted away,

I can't stand them anymore ! they're hurting me.
I'm terrorised by what they're telling me …
They're doing the apology of the true reality of our world,
Where there and there only dishonest people, cheaters, miscreants, liars, hypocrites, sarcastics … are
successful in this life where there's no need to care to do the good,
it should be the opposite.

To fight non-stop until exhaustment, I can't resist to this unhealthy force
harassing me.
I must face reality,
I was wrong the whole time,
I must now get ready to listen to it without fighting … and assure it to
accomplish all the orders it's imposing
Then I will install in your heart chaos, death and despair.

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