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Space Ghost Purp


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Rade the clan
Oh boy
Space ghost purp
You ever been underrated
Huh you ever been slept on
..You f*cked up
You ever been in my situation
You have to go through what I have to go through
You mad I'm the..

Murder on my mind mask on my face
Killers on my line
Dance on my case
Stick to not
Birds in that safer
Chocks in the sea
And goons in LA
Please gonna make no mistake
We use nigga for
Instead of ass sooner as I found out where you stay
Got a mom on mom stay
And a ghetto ass pass the weed in the grey
Cigarrete why the..is the ash
Sway go.. And my dog and get murb
Pass my blunt from the creebie
And my nigga sister dirt
Vip club live poppin bottles to the hurt and nigga
Poppin bottles hood to hurt you nigga
Rockets all I care about is profit
My sister is hold me sell drugs
And gt out the projects
Instead I kill beast and she another nigga projects
Get the broom out the closet
Booty what it do

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