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Born Jamericans

Sweet Honey

Born Jamericans

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This one is dedicated to all the girls around the world
Born Jamericans love you like diamonds and pearls
Hey young girl like Cheryl
Here it is, this one is ultra

Days gone by
(Baby love)
And I wonder why
I'm in love with you
(Lovely love)
I know what she was trying to do

But no matter what the time of year
You'll always be there for me
Yeah, eh, yeah
Because you are my sweet honey

Well, hear me now, sweet honey
Me tells you are the cure for me
Caress you your sexy body, sweet honey
Because I tells you you're the cure for me

Rub my body, nice, eh, nice
Because you're sweeter than the honey
That comes from the tree
You are my art my soul, my whole all my life, intricate
Every man wish they had you from me

I just gonna I wish I could give you a key-ingston
My boo you me key-ingston
Mr. Art Feelings you know from key-ingston
Sweet honey

Because you're the cure for me
Them type a girl, ya, your love, I feel for eternity
Sing out

Time marches on
But I love a place that I know is strong
Looking at your lovely face
It is stopping even through time and space
But even if I had to walk through danger
And split up the seas

Hear me now
Some offer up the dollar some offer the jeweler
But them still champion, she is my sweet honey
And I walk up to my girl, you tell mamma mon
Because only thing she need is affection

Even experts, only I can understand
Sweet honey
I tells you are the cure for me
You are very decent woman the one for me

We just walk with me
(Young girl)
And we'll go to that special place in ecstasy
(Well, check it out)

I have finally come to realize
That you are the one for me
You are my sweet honey

Hear me now
She are me baby such a lovely lady
(La la la)
I always want her beside me
(Want her beside me)

True love, you can't deny me
(You know you can't deny me)
I got these feelings inside me
(Feelings inside me)

Just take it easy
I don't think anything else will please me
Except my sweet honey

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