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Bob Marley

Positive Vibration

Bob Marley

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Live if you want to live
Rastaman vibration yeah!Positive
I and I vibration yeah!Positive
I a man Iration yeah! Irie Ites
Positive vibration yeah!Positive

If you get down and quarrel everyday
You're saying prayers to the devil, I say
Why not help another on the way
Make it much easier
Say you just can't live that negative way
You know what I mean
Make way for the positive day

Cause its a new day
New time, new feeling yeah!
Say it's a new sign
Oh what a new day
Picking up.
Are you picking up now
Jah love, Jah love, protect us (Repeat)

Rastaman Vibration yeah!Positive
I and I vibration yeah!Irie Ites
Vibes, got to have a good vibe
Picking up.
Are you picking up now (Repeat)

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