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Bob Marley

Brand New Second Hand

Bob Marley

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You're only acting like
You are somebody
But i don't love to say
You're not nobody
Don't exhaust our painted face, girl
'cause underneath that face
You're justhave disgrace

And you're just a brandnew second hand
You'll make no one fool
You're just a brand new second hand

I only confess you
You're brand new second had
Dirty golden rule
You're just a brand new second hand

What you've got, girl
That i don't know
Why you really really got to
Exalt yourself so
Mama used to tell me
A long time ago, girl
It's noteverything you own
That glitters is gold

So you're just a brand new second hand
No man no want no
Brand new second hand
You bettergo back round so girl
Brand new second hand
Don't you show us
Brand newsecond hand

If you think it's the dress you wear
That makes you a lady
Get that out of your mind
You must be crazy

You're just a brand new second had, yes girl
No man no want
Brand new second hand, yes girl
No bother come show off so
You're just a brand new second hand

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