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And I Rock

Biz Markie

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* ".." are biz markie voice samples, cut and scratched by dj premier

[verse 1: biz markie]
"just here to let you know"
This is primo
"just here to let you know"
My man black indian
"just here to let you know"
I can't forget makigo
"just here to let you know"
From u.s.a. to japan

On the week days i be in school
Be in school learnin, the golden rule
I wake up in the morning hangin' out my bed
I don't do a thing till my grace is said
And when it's said, i wipe my ass
And think off all the fly girls in my class
Pay off the don say it can't hurt
I pull on my lee's and my blue sweat shirt
Walk around the corner seem to catch the bus
And if the bus ain't there i don't dare fuss
Just tell mama i'm mister bust a day
And she take me to school in a white oj
But when i get to the school and the bell ring
I don't even worry cause it ain't no thing
Walk in the room they say you're late for class
Teacher mark me late, i'm gonna kick his ass
You know the teachers is gonna listen to me
Cause i'm the diabolical the b-i-z
And i rock

"just here to let you know" "b-i-z m-a-r-k-i to the e"
"just here to let you know" "b-i-z m-a-r-k don't try to front"

[verse 2: black indian]
Yo, now that's classic, i ain't worry about you bastards
I'm at home in my boxers watchin' tom warner classics
It's just a rhythym i kick, while i strangle out the beat
While you hear that kick, high drums and snares
Puttin you right here met ya chicken out in brooklyn
When i hit that rare, air, you don't wanna see black
When i get mad cause i come and black axe, square black maks
It's a real thing while i hold my hands on this microphone

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