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Beto Vazquez Infinity

Celestial Meeting

Beto Vazquez Infinity

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Rising in the very thresholds of life
When the winter winds unveil
I will embrace the delights that sprout from your heart
Silencing my feelings for excess of love
Let the wind whisper to the perfect flowers

Never regret that which can not be,
The most loved memory will always be the last one,
Under stars that go past as foam between the heavens
Where only wind saunters stealthy, leaving silently

Time stopped for a moment, then we woke
I need your soul to live
I need your existence to smile
Start running thinking of her
And while the daylights looses itself
You feel no fear of showing your true self

And when my hands will bleed with you
Let me help you, I am already here
My eyes are the mirror of my soul

And you have seen my eyes a million times
You fell from heaven with broken wings but I found you

Morning has come and with the shining
I finally found the exact embrace of your soul and mine
I want to see you once again

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