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Beastcraft tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "The Beast Awakens", "Satanic Supremacy", "Black Altar Of Death".

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  1. (Of The) Circle Of Evocation
  2. Angel Of The Abyss
  3. Baptised in the Lake of Fire
  4. Beastcraft Manifest
  5. Black Altar Of Death
  6. Black Witchcraft
  7. Blackwinged Messiah Of Blasphemy
  8. Burnt At His Altar
  9. Crowning the Tyrant
  10. Daemon Calling
  11. Demonic Horde of Satan Prevails
  12. Djevelpakt
  13. Energumen
  14. Enter The Chasm
  15. Enthronement Of The Third Antichrist
  16. Her Highness of Hell
  17. Into The Burning Pit Of He
  18. Jehovas Likbål
  19. Legions Of The Dark Lord
  20. Necrofog of Burning Christians
  21. Pentagram Sacrifice
  22. Recrucifixion
  23. Satanic Fiend
  24. Satanic Supremacy
  25. Summoning The Great Beast
  26. The Beast Awakens
  27. The Grand Conjuration Of Unhallowed Spirits
  28. The Horned God Rises
  29. The Whore Of God
  30. Torn from the Cross
  31. Unholy Blood Ritual
  32. When The Pearly Gates Are Wrapped In Flames