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Balance Of Power

Balance Of Power

Balance Of Power tem o estilo Heavy Metal e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Overnight Sensation (tradução)", "The Pleasure Room (tradução)", "Prisoner Of Pride (tradução)".

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  1. 96.11.28; 14:00
  2. About To Burn
  3. Against The Odds
  4. Balance Of Power
  5. Blind Man
  6. Book Of Secrets
  7. Can't Close The Book
  8. Chemical Imbalance
  9. Day Breaker
  10. Desert Of Lost Souls
  11. Do You Dream Of Angels
  12. Do You Dream Of Angels (tradução)
  13. Don't Wait Until Tomorrow
  14. Fire Dance
  15. Hard Life
  16. Heathen Machine
  17. Hide Your Heart
  18. Higher Than The Sun
  19. House Of Cain
  20. I Wish You Were Here
  21. It's Not Over (Until It's Over)
  22. Just Before You Leave
  23. Killer Or The Cure
  24. Miracles And Dreams
  25. Necessary Evil
  26. No Place Like Home
  27. One Voice
  28. One Voice (tradução)
  29. Overnight Sensation
  30. Overnight Sensation (tradução)
  31. Prisoner Of Pride
  32. Prisoner Of Pride (tradução)
  33. Savage Tears
  34. Seven Days Into Nevermore
  35. Shelter Me
  36. Sins Of The World
  37. Something For Your Head
  38. Stranger Days (To Come)
  39. Summers Over
  40. Ten More Tales Of Grand Illusion
  41. The Darker Side
  42. The Eyes Of The World
  43. The Pleasure Room
  44. The Pleasure Room (tradução)
  45. The Real Thing (Carry On Dreaming)
  46. The Rising
  47. These Are The Days
  48. Under Innocence Wing
  49. Under The Spell
  50. Wake Up Call
  51. Walking On Top Of The World
  52. Walking On Top Of The World (tradução)
  53. When Heaven Calls Your Name
  54. When Heaven Calls Your Name (tradução)
  55. When Love Is On Your Side

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