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Baby D

Baby D

Baby D tem o estilo Hip Hop/Rap e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Eastside Vs. Westside", "A-T-L HOE", "Back Up".

125 acessos

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  1. A-T-L HOE
  2. Back Up
  3. Do You Wanna
  4. Eastside Vs. Westside
  5. Eastside Vs. Westside (Remix)
  6. Get Crunk
  7. I'm Bout Money
  8. I'm Bout Money
  9. Let Me Be Your Fantasy
  10. My Folk
  11. Ohh Ohh
  12. Ridin' In A Chevy
  13. Ridin' In A Chevy
  14. Slammin Cadillac Doors
  15. Stomp That Shit
  16. Watch Her Do It
  17. We Ballin
  18. Why Why

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