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Asgard tem o estilo Heavy Metal e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Absence Spells Beyond", "Asgard Invasion", "With Your Shield Or On It".

168 acessos

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  1. Absence Spells Beyond
  2. Army Of Darkness
  3. Asgard Invasion
  4. Disciples
  5. Fury Of The Night
  6. Hail And Kill
  7. Hellbreaker
  8. I Spit On Your Hands
  9. Sinking Trails Of Wisdom
  10. Strenghtened Are The Stems Of Nasturtium
  11. The Age Of Steel
  12. The Choir Of The Elemental Deities
  13. The Seal Of Madness
  14. The Trooper
  15. Victorious Men Of Earth
  16. With Your Shield Or On It

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