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End Of Eternity


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And I was walking on the edge of a dream
I heard a rumbling voice deep inside of me
"Will you carry on with this foolish life
And keep twisting around the blade of a knife"
I heard the demons screaming
I looked the devil in the eye

As I was climbing up the ladder to the heavens
A simple voice was calling
Do you believe in God?
The once so simple truth now broken and distorted
A different voice was calling
Can you forgive yourself?

Falling down
Into the flaming sea
Falling down
What will it be
Falling down
Into the flaming sea
Falling down
It's the end of eternity

And it was easy for me to speak the words
I could lie and cheat
Forever forever forever
Denial sneaking in jumping me from behind
"Will you ever bow down to me"
Never never never

I am my own God I'm not like you

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