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Ancesttral tem o estilo Heavy Metal e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Helleluiah (tradução)", "Bloodshed And Violence", "Put me Through".

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  1. A Dead End Job From Door
  2. Bloodshed And Violence
  3. But When The Mist
  4. Come With Me
  5. Dark Sidewalk
  6. Demolition Man
  7. Endless Trip
  8. Feel My Hate
  9. Heard You Calling
  10. Hell is my home
  11. Helleluiah
  12. Helleluiah (tradução)
  13. Lost in Myself
  14. Massacre
  15. Piace And Quiet
  16. Put me Through
  17. The Famous Unknown
  18. The Reason For My Blind
  19. Three Days In The Dog
  20. Trust
  21. Visual Mask
  22. We Kill
  23. What Will You Do?
  24. You Can Go Home

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