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Altar of Betelgeuze

The Approaching Storm

Altar of Betelgeuze

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It is said that it's sometimes calm before the storm
Worries, those are small, living it like the day before
Nothing strange in the sky, nothing that would shatter the illusion
In neither hemispheres, nor traces the bare eye could see

Forced to live the day, while unwillingly we're led astray
What technology can offer, it is not the way to salvation
When the present day will end
And the evolution chooses a different path
Believing into something so strong, it can prove to be fragile

When unleashed, the heat will melt every stone
This event of great magnitude, uncontrolled
Overshadowing our already distant past, our epilogue
On these grounds it is certain that we were the last
We were unaware of the approaching storm
Nearing the signs of light, silently we march

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