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Altar of Betelgeuze

Smoldering Clouds Above Orion

Altar of Betelgeuze

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Deep in the star constellation of Orion
One massive blaze of the Alfa Orionis
Worth of ten thousand suns combined together
Lightyears away, far in the unexplored outer space

Soon to explode into torrid bits
Reaching the stage of supernova
The scorching core pulsates within it
Consisting of hydrogen, unstable nuclear fusions

The devils eye, engulfed in devastating flames
Devouring the vast spheres in near proximities
This funeral pyre, serenade to total destruction
Emerging into a black hole with never ending hunger

Sound the alarm before it is too late
This life will soon stop to exist as you are used to it
The starved vultures arrive from hell's fire
The smoldering clouds finally appeared above Orion
As we expected

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