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When And Why


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You stole my heart away
When I was roaming throught the streets
Just a break in live

I wasn't in such away
A way to let someone in my life
But you made me try

Some things we don't explain
We don't understand
When and Why
We simply feel in and then we realized
It's too late
Too late to get out

You turn me inside out
When I turn all my thoughts to you
You mended my heart
When I gave you a chance to prove
That I can restart
Something that I could never lose
That I could never lose
Loose once again

No time left for shame
It's a good day, It's not everyday
A sign in the starlight
That all we wanna change will always remain

Something good to remember
But now it's time to surrender
Even if it takes a long, a long, a long way
Take the road and live like no another day

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