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I can't trust you completely
Despise the way that you used me
I hate the way you abuse me
You used to have me but now have nothing to control

You think that i am so stupid
To give in easy and all to willing into you hands
I'll show you my true affection
The hate inside me that leaves me lifeless is all for you
Is all for you
Is all for you

Open my eyes
Turn dark to light
Unmask your lies
This ends tonight

I'll let you think that i love you
But you won't notice how i will slowly tear you down
My smile will hide my intentions
You think i want you but all i want is for you to bleed
For you to bleed
For you to bleed


You came lurking
Shadows stirring
Black clouds gather
Life left shattered


My growing hate
Built deep inside
Scarred and betrayed
From all you lies

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